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BEM Partners Inc. was started with the sole purpose of assisting clients with their Cognos Business Intelligence and Cognos TM1 applications. With this being our primary focus we provided the most experienced resources in Southern California.

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Cognos Express TM1 Server Instances

Cognos Express is a great tool for a business to take a step into the performance management and business intelligence world. It is an integrated Planning and Reporting platform providing a single place for data input and analysis. However, Cognos Express is really Cognos TM1 and Cognos BI “lite”.


One misconception we see from time to time is the definition of a TM1 Server vs. a TM1 server instance and how many instances you can have in Cognos Express. The way TM1 is designed is that there is one TM1 Application Server and then you have TM1 server instances that register themselves with the Application Server. Having multiple TM1 server instances is beneficial when you have fundamentally different data that is not required to interact. For example, you may have one TM1 server instance for Overhead planning and then a separate server instance for Manufacturing Demand Planning. By breaking this data out to separate server instances you keep your models clean and only relevant objects are available in each instance. Additionally, if you need to restart your instance, say the Overhead Planning model, it doesn’t bring down the Demand Planning model where it would if everything was in one instance.


Getting back to Cognos Express, I point the above out because you are only allowed to have one TM1 server instance to register with the TM1 Application Server. This means that all your data and objects you create in TM1 will be grouped together. If you are planning on having a small TM1 instance then limitation should have no impact on your business. If you have big ideas for TM1 it is important to fully understand the limitations of Cognos Express and that is truly designed for the small to mid size business.

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