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Who We Are
BEM Partners Inc. was started with the sole purpose of assisting clients with their Cognos Business Intelligence and Cognos TM1 applications. With this being our primary focus we provided the most experienced resources in Southern California.

BEM Partners Inc.


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Cognos Express

IBM Cognos Express provides enterprise-class reporting, analysis, dashboard, visualization, scorecard, planning, budgeting and forecasting capabilities that workgroups and midsize companies need at a price they can afford. This scalable, preconfigured solution includes the tools to discover and act on new insights quickly, while helping to minimize demands on your IT staff.

Cognos Express is the tool that small to mid-size business have been waiting years for. Think of it as dipping your toe in the performance management and business intelligence water. Cognos express provides your business with a complete planning and reporting environment for a fraction of the cost of the enterprise solutions with all the same functionality. As your business matures and grows on Cognos Express this application can easily scale and move to the full Cognos TM and BI enterprise solutions when ready.

Cognos Express Functionality

  • Powerful planning and analysis – Create and analyze sophisticated plans, budgets and forecasts, even those based on large data sets.
  • Flexible modeling – Develop and deploy even the most complex planning and analysis models using a guided modeling environment.
  • Dashboards – Help users access, interact and personalize content in a way that supports how they make decisions.
  • Analysis capabilities – Provide access to information from multiple angles and perspectives so you can view and analyze it to make informed decisions.
  • Scalable Solution – Allow the system to grow with your business.

If your business is looking to acquire Cognos Express or is looking for a Cognos Express partner, please contact BEM Partners to inquire about the services we can provide.