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BEM Partners Inc. was started with the sole purpose of assisting clients with their Cognos Business Intelligence and Cognos TM1 applications. With this being our primary focus we provided the most experienced resources in Southern California.

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Cognos EP to TM1 Migration

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IBM Cognos Planning to Cognos TM1 Migration
So you have decided to complete a TM1 Migration from Cognos Enterprise Planning (EP), congratulations, you are making an excellent choice. For those of you still on the fence, what are you waiting for?If your on the fence with your migration lets put some of our favorite Cognos Planning quotes you will hear a Cognos Developer say out there:


We are going to have to simply your e-list as there are too many elements and levels and I’m afraid the system can’t handle it.

Just 4 more hours until the next publish and then you can report on your data.

And our all time favorite: I don’t think we can do that enhancement as it is going to make the cube slice to large. 

Now what if we can tell you that with a TM1 migration a lot of these problems will go away? Cognos Planning is a great tool but it has its limitations. Its technology is outdated and it can’t compete with the new technology of today. A lot of these limitations such as data volume, reporting latency, etc are the strengths of TM1!


Our TM1 Migration Process

Migrating from Cognos Planning to TM1 is not a “lift and shift” implementation. What we mean by that is that you don’t take exactly what is in Cognos Planning and develop the same thing in TM1. As we mentioned before, your migration is an opportunity to enhance your model and take advantage of TM1’s strengths. When choosing BEM Partners to do your migration we will follow our approach of:

  1. Evaluating your current Cognos Planning model(s)
  2. Discuss opportunities for enhancement to take advantage of TM1
  3. Identify any process changes you want built into your application(s)
  4. Come up with different implementation options to meet your needs and budget


If completing a TM1 Migration is something you are currently evaluating please contact BEM Partners to see how you can assist your business.